What Is EEONow?

EEONow is an interactive data visualization tool for Executives, Directors, and Human Resources professionals to analyze important multi-variant workforce data at every level, in every department of an organization. EEONow organizes and presents an organization’s employment data through a simple, easy-to-use, dashboard that works with any existing HRIS software.

Application Features

Save time analyzing Equal Employment Opportunity data and help generating your EEO-1 reports.

  • Instant data visualization tool that tracks multiple workforce data points to assist HR / EEO staff.
  • Instant access to race, gender, salary, vacancies, and more information on demand.
  • Customizable dashboard with multiple access levels for various end users.
  • View and report data on key diversity metrics to stay in compliance with federal EEOC laws and regulations.
  • Generate and file annual EEO-1 report quickly and easily using EEONow.


Sara says...

EEO Now has been an incredible tool for my investigative staff and I to research positions, work unit structures, and other matters.

Mike says...

“One place to find the information needed and useful regarding department employees.”

Carol says...

“Ability to research certain data faster and the presentation of the data makes it easier to review.”

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